​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park


Track is available for rent on Fridays and Mondays for $600 up to 20 riders.  Each additional rider over 20 is $20.  50 and 65cc riders must run in their own practice session.  Split practices are the responsibility of the renting party.  We will announce and operate organized practice sessions for an additional $90.  Track will be fully prepped and watered just like a weekend practice day.  You must prepay via Paypal or check (with enough time for it to clear both banks).  You must cancel by 8 pm the previous night to get a refund.  If a big storm is due in on Friday, we would cancel from our end and issue a full refund.  We must do everything we can to save the track for our regular track days on Saturday and Sunday as these are the two days that generate the bulk of the revenue to keep the park open.

​Generally, we do not rent the track Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays so you would need to contact me directly.