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​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park

Please read carefully - the following rules will be enforced:

  1. Do not tear up the grass!!!  No practicing starts, no wheelies, etc.  It is extremely difficult to keep grass growing for erosion control purposes when we are open nearly every weekend.  Use the starting area for these types of activities.
  2. Campfires must be off the ground in an appropriate metal fire pit.  No fires directly on the ground!
  3. Anyone caught misusing, abusing, vandalizing, or stealing any property of SFMX will be prosecuted.
  4. All minors must have a properly completed waiver form on file to ride at the park.  These are valid for 12-months from signing.
  5. All minors must come to the window with an adult 18 or over to the signup window to ride at the park.
  6. Do not throw food waste like chicken bones on the grounds.  Please throw away.  We provide free kitchen trash bags at the signup trailer.  We have a dog that roams the grounds during the week.  Chicken bones are a big no-no to dogs! 
  7. ABSOLUTELY NO JOY RIDING!  Bikes can only be ridden in 1st gear, 5 mph to and from track entrance/exit.
  8. No fireworks allowed.
  9. No non-rider under the age of 16 may enter the fenced in track area.  Everyone entering track area must have signed the waiver!
  10. Anyone caught dispensing gray or black water from RV's will be asked to leave.

We have worked very hard to provide everyone with a safe, fun, exciting track and expect everyone to conduct themselves in a mature manner at all times. Please respect our facility and know we truly appreciate you coming.