​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park

Licensed to Thrill


Practice Rate:

  • $40 per class per day for non-members
  • $30 per class per day for South Fork Members
  • $25 for 12-month South Fork membership.  Entitles member to $30 ride days and Rocky Mountain Gift cards.  Receive 1 $10 card for joining and 1 $10 card for each month you ride.  Maximum benefit is $130 per year.   Joining pays for itself in the first.  Instead of paying $40 as a non-member you pay $55 total and become a member and rider for the day.  You earn $20 in Rocky Gift cards that first visit.  Then each time we are open and you ride, it is only $30 and you can earn an additional Rocky Mountain gift card per month if you ride at least one day during that month.
  • $5 discount on ride day for active military rider

No spectator fee for practice days and no camping fee

All riders will receive a rider band.  Please place the band around either side of your helmet's chin guard. Wrap it tightly and it won't get in the way. If worn on the wrist or bar bad, please point it out each time you go out on the track.  All old bands must be removed from your helmet or bar pads before entering the track.