​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park


Showers are located in the front bathroom/shower building.  There is one private show in the men's bathroom.  There are two private showers accessible through the door located in the center front of the building.  These are for men or women.


We have two bathroom buildings.  One is at the front of the park and one closer to the back of the park.  The buildings are beige with red trim.

Free primitive camping.

​Electric on available on a first come first served basis.  The majority of the parking spots with electric available are located at the front of the park.  It is $10 per night for 20 or 30 amp service and $15 per night for 50 amp service.  Anyone parking in any of the spots that are accessible to electric must purchase the electric instead of using a generator.  Electric is $5 extra per night on race weekends.


There is water for washing bikes located in 3 areas:

  1. on the backside of the rear bathroom building
  2. on the front side of the front bathroom building (please extend hose as close to driveway road as possible)
  3. on the corner by the 2-story announcing tower (please extend hose to opposite side of driveway)