​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park

Minor Waiver Process

The minor rider/racer and at least one parent must come to the signup window at the park to complete a minor waiver form before we can allow the minor to participate in any practice or race event.    Minor waivers only need to be signed once and will be valid through December 31, 2017.

A waiver form can be mailed. In this case, the minor and one parent must sign in front of a notary. This notarized copy must be brought to the sign-up window on the next visit.  We cannot email nor allow a pdf version be downloaded.  The form must be an original.

All minors must come to the window with an adult 18 or over with them to the signup window to ride at the park.

Any rider that looks 18ish but isn’t should bring a government issued ID to sign up as you may need to show proof when signing in as an adult rider. Sorry for any inconvenience!