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Mon, Mar 23, 2015
We got a small amount of rain Thursday and Friday (<1/2" combined for both days). The track will be better this Saturday than this past Saturday. We will open the track from 11-6 on Saturday. Track should be great from noon on just like it was this past weekend. Like always, the track will be fully prepped both Saturday and Sunday.

For this weekend, make sure to roll the Showstopper double (before the large double in the back). We will be increasing the pitch of the face and putting a lip back on it.

I caught a guy taking a sink bath on Sunday in the back bathrooms. I guess we don't advertise enough that we have hot water and showers in the front bathrooms. You go through a door in the middle of the building (front side) to get to the 2 better shower units. They both offer complete privacy and a changing room.
Wed, Oct 29, 2014
$450 for a Monday or Friday. We will not rent the track on a weekend or Tuesday through Thursday except by special circumstance so you would need to contact me privately. You can have up to 20 riders on a private rental day. Track will be fully prepped and watered just like a weekend practice day. You must prepay via Paypal or check (with enough time for it to fully clear both banks). You must cancel by 8 pm the previous night to get a refund. If it is obvious the weather is going to ruin the track, you would get a full refund.

The bottom line is we've been promised one time too many that a group of 12 riders was prepared to come if we would open on a Friday only to find out after we opened it would only be 4. We simply can't operate the park at a loss so 4 riders can enjoy their Friday off from work.   Read more...
Mon, Oct 20, 2014
Buy a 12 month membership card for South Fork and ride Saturday or Sunday for $25 or ride both Saturday AND Sunday for $40. Rocky Mountain will send a $10 gift card for each membership and $10 each time you ride at the park.

No membership ride price is $35 per day.

We are trying out a Family Membership for 2015. It is still $25 for each family member for a 12-month term. However, a family only pays $50 for Saturday or Sunday or $80 total for both Saturday and Sunday. The requirement for a family is 1 or 2 legal guardians raising children under the same roof. This isn't meant to be cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. We realize there are special circumstances so just talk to Connie. We realize sometimes kids are separated from a parent by "address" but are still provided financial support, etc. The truth is we love having families spend multiple days at the park and being involved in the sport. We are happy getting $80 to contribute towards maintaining the park and realize many families wouldn't be able to come often if they were dropping over $100 a day plus all the other expenses. We also realize many dads only get 20 minutes on the track an entire day if they are lucky.

Tue, Oct 29, 2013
The LLC is co-managed by Connie Kelly and Jon Kelly. South Fork Riders Association LLC (SFRA LLC) is leasing the land and equipment for the purposes of operating a motocross complex for practice and race events. The address of the property is 6148 Baxter Road, Disputanta, Sussex County, Virginia.   Read more...
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2015 Schedule

Open Practice Days

South Fork will be open most weekends throughout the year. Track is open from 10am to 5pm. Sign-up open at 9am. Follow SF News above or “Like” South Fork MX on Facebook for the latest information. Camping is permitted but schedule ahead. No gate fee on open practice days. SF RIDER'S CARD REQ'D for open practice days (costs $25 for 12 months).

Race Days

June 6-7
AMA D13 Race

Aug 15-16
AMA D13 Race

Nov 28-29
AMA D13 Race


Effective immediately, personal checks will no longer be accepted at South Fork.

South Fork Competition Park is managed and operated by South Fork Riders Association LLC, a Virginia-based LLC.

Mid-Atlantic Fallen Riders Foundation
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