​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park


Oct 21 - Closed
Oct 22 - Closed
Oct 28 - Closed for Private Rental (FORPWC members)...
Oct 29 - Open to all bikes! Will split practices into 3 classes.
Nov 4 - Pre-race day practice for all bikes from 10-4. $30, no SFMX, district, or AMA membership required! We start with large bikes and small bikes, then move to A/B, C/D, small bikes, and are prepared to move to A/B, C, D, and small bikes. At most, 4 classes rotating.
Nov 5 - OUTLAW RACE DAY! See Race flier for more details. We have full ambulance service staffed with paramedics. Rider meeting at 9:30, Race practice starts at 10am. We should finish between 4 and 4:30.
Nov 11-12 - closed.