OPEN every Saturday and Sunday 10-5 unless otherwise announced below.  Check back the day of practice by 8am to ensure we didn't close, delay opening, or cancel small bike class due to rain or snow.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram too!

May 5 - CLOSED

June 1-2 - CLOSED

August 10-11 - MAMA/D13 Race Weekend!  Not a South Fork practice weekend.  MAMA/D13 does have practices though!
August 24-25 - CLOSED - MAMA/D13 Race at VMP
Rates: $30 for members, $40 for non-members, $25 for a 12-month membership.  $10 Rocky Mountain reward deposited in your Rocky Mountain account each month you ride at least one day.

Earliest small bike practice session is 10:45am. We will then split big bike sessions as necessary based on turnout.  Small bike class is 50s, 65s, and beginner 85s.  No PW50s.  We do not have anywhere for PW50s to ride at this time!

Big Bikes are 85cc Intermediate/Advanced riders and all 125cc and up bikes.  We will split Big Bikes into A/B (Advanced Riders) and C/D (Intermediate and Beginner riders) if the track is crowded.

Signup opens at 9:15.

Free camping, free hot showers, electric $10 per night.

Track rental generally available Fridays and Mondays with 2 weeks advance notice. Track is fully groomed. $30 per rider with $600 minimum due in advance via Paypal or credit card.

​​​​​​South Fork Motocross Park

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