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Mon, Oct 20, 2014
Open October 25-26 - All bikes and ATVs.

We are planning to run split practices again this weekend in 15 minute increments. Most likely scenario is:

1) A/B/C+ Large Bikes (hitting all the jumps including Nessie)
2) C/D/85cc Large Bikes (riders not hitting all the jumps)
3) 50/65cc small bikes and absolute beginner large bike riders not clearing jumps.

If you are new to the park, please start in the C/D/85cc class then exchange your band for an A/B/C+ band when you are hitting all the jumps.

We generally don't have more than 2 or 3 quads at the park on any given practice day so we will put them into one of the two large bike classes instead of creating a separate class.

We do water while practice is underway. We typically water 3 times during the day so we rotate the watering amongst the 3 classes.

Open November 1-2 - All bikes and ATVs.
Open November 8-9 - All bikes and ATVs.
Open November 15-16 - All bikes and ATVs.
Open November 22-23 - All bikes and ATVs.
Open November 28th - All bikes and ATVs...this is a non-AMA practice day
November 29 - AMA practice for bikes and ATVS from 8am-1pm.
November 29 - AMA D13 ATV racing from 2pm-~5pm. Multiple pitbike classes.
November 30 - AMA D13 Bike racing from 9am-~4pm.   Read more...
Mon, Oct 20, 2014
Practice Saturday or Sunday for $25 per class and get $10 Rocky Mountain gift card in the mail.

Practice Saturday and Sunday for $45 per class and get $20 Rocky Mountain gift card in the mail. It is like riding for 2 days for less than most tracks charge for a single day.   Read more...
Tue, Dec 17, 2013
All riders must join South Fork Riders Association, LLC which costs $25 and is valid for one year from date of purchase. Rocky Mountain ATV will mail a $10 gift card for joining.   Read more...
Tue, Oct 29, 2013
The LLC is co-managed by Connie Kelly and Jon Kelly. South Fork Riders Association LLC (SFRA LLC) is leasing the land and equipment for the purposes of operating a motocross complex for practice and race events. The address of the property is 6148 Baxter Road, Disputanta, Sussex County, Virginia.   Read more...
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2014 Schedule

Open Practice Days

South Fork will be open most weekends throughout the year. Track is open from 10am to 5pm. Sign-up open at 9am. Follow SF News above or “Like” South Fork Competition Park on Facebook for the latest information. Camping is permitted but schedule ahead. No gate fee on open practice days. SF RIDER'S CARD REQ'D for open practice days (costs $25 for 12 months).

Race Days

May 3-4
AMA D13 Race
Spring Series Event

Jul 5-6
AMA D13 Race

Sept 20-21
AMA D13 Race
Grand Championship Series
Virginia State Championship

Nov 29-30
AMA D13 Race
Grand Championship Series
Mid-Atlantic Winter Series


Effective immediately, personal checks will no longer be accepted at South Fork.

South Fork Competition Park is managed and operated by South Fork Riders Association LLC, a Virginia-based LLC.

Mid-Atlantic Fallen Riders Foundation
AMA Sanctioned
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